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Love for Beautiful Things

” [ … ] In spite of the tourists are not lacking and it happens often to find them crowding the place, Beppe has chosen not to compromise and be duped by easy market thoughts, but to mantain the elegance and dignity of a place that easily, once discovered, will end between your favorite ones. He puts so much passion into finding the right product, the good combination, he is so fond of good taste and beautiful things that he probably could not do another job than this. You can notice this from precious details, from delicacies. Like when at the end, after coffee, he will offer you a calisson, or a biscuit with almonds from Provence, fine (and very good) sweetness. And – also because of this – you’ll fall in love.”

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The Restaurant

May it be for work or for pleasure, be stunned by the proposals of our chefs

The Afternoon

Let yourself cuddled by the sweetnesses made by our pastry chef, matched with a hot tea or a coffee

After Dinner

Rest body and mind tasting a precious liquor, smoking a fine cigar

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Contact Us

Via al Castello, 1 – 24100 Bergamo (BG)

Tel: 035 253191 – 035 252845

Opening Hours

Monday — Friday: 11 AM- 1 AM

Saturday: 11 AM- 1:30 AM

Sunday: 9 AM – 1 AM

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